Bright Falls – The Prequel to Alan Wake

Have you already watched the downloadable Prequel to Alan Wake, on Xbox Live?

Splinter Cell: Blacklist | 11 minutes gameplay!

New Blacklist gameplay video, featuring Dogs, Knifes, Guns, Some Stealth and NO Ironside… Check it out

Xbox 360 not getting Silent Hill:HD Collection Patch

So Konami decided not to release the Silent Hill: HD Collection patch on Xbox 360, which means that, despite of the fact that Microsoft Console owners payed the same price for the game,… Continue reading

Hideo Kojima wants to create a Silent Hill game

Could the well known Hideo Kojima take the reins of Silent Hill? Here’s what he had to say about the series: “It would be a scary game if we make Silent Hill game…

Ubisoft looking for 4th Echelon Logo

So Ubisoft wants to throw a contest to get the future 4th Echelon logo…