My name is Manuel Carneiro, Film student from Portugal, and I’m also the creator of “Inner Fear”, and ex-redactor on “Xbox Team Portugal”

“The Antiesse Blog” was created by my will of writing and sharing experiences with everyone who can take a minute to read them. I’ve been doing that for ages, in different projects such as videogames’ blogs and sites, as well as some other “more” personal projects such as  “Inner Fear” which I keep working on daily. Inner Fear is centered on the Silent Hill series, my favourite videogame franchise, I must say.

Why “Antiesse”?
Since the begining, I’ve followed the Microsoft Console – Xbox, so I got an alias for Xbox Live, whose name is Antiesse. After that, I’ve been using it as my main internet nickname, so  it would make sense to keep it and get it to an whole new level. This blog is that level and it makes perfect sense, as it is specially based on videogames and therefore Xbox 360, as it is the system I use the most.